Freemover Application – 2018 Spring

Freemover Application for 2018 Spring

Undergraduate Exchange Students Cultural Tour on September 5 – Unique Green Onion Picking Experience and National Center for Traditional Arts in Ilan Tour

On September 5, the Office of International Programs will arrange a one-day cultural tour to Ilan County, where students will gain a better understanding of the Taiwanese culture. Come and join us on your first adventure in Taiwan. Also, students will team up with their local buddies to spend a fun filled day together.

Graduate Exchange Students Cultural Tour on August 30th, 2017 – Be a Tea Farmer and Experience Unique Tea Picking in Ilan County

“Tea” plays an essential role in oriental culture especially in Taiwan. Taiwanese people drink tea daily and it is even a part of common dishes. On August 30th, the Office of International Programs will bring you to Ilan to be a tea farmer for the day. Join us to have a closer look at local Taiwanese culture and learn how to make your own tea.

Freemover Application – Fall 2017

Freemover Application for 2017 Fall

Thank you for your interests in National Chengchi University! If you would like to apply for the freemover program for Fal semester 2017, please email the following documents to by April 15th 2017, no need to do any on-line application. We will review your documents and announce the result by early May.

Documents you have to submit are,

2017 Spring English Taught Business Course List

Please refer to the following page for more details.


Exchange Students Cultural Tour on February 16th – Exploring Taiwanese Culture at Jiaoxi Hotsprings (Hot Spring Footbath), I-Cake Invention Gallery, and Luodong Night Market

On February 16th, the Office of International Programs will be hosting a one-day tour, travelling to the Eastern coastal city of Yi-Lan. This tour will allow exchange students to indulge in Taiwanese cuisine, interact with the local people, and experience different aspects of our culture. Also, you will be able to meet up with your buddy and spend a fun, relaxing day exploring Eastern Taiwan.

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