✓    Staying less than 180 days (For student who will stay for one semester):

1. Visa Free

★ If you are from the following countries and plan to visit other countries within 90 or 30 days, you don’t have to apply for a visa but just enter Taiwan with your passport. That means, you could enjoy another 90 or 30 days visa free every time when you enter Taiwan and please do make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months while the Japanese passport should be valid for at least 3 months.

★ Please do leave Taiwan within 90 or 30 days after your last arrival; otherwise a fine will be given as well as the visa free restriction to Taiwan for a year.

★ More details, please refer to

2. If you don’t plan your trip yet, applying for a Multiple Visa will be better.

3. If you don’t plan to go abroad when you are in Taiwan, you just need a Single Visa and the NCCU will provide you an immigration document for visa extension to at most 6 months for free. Please be notified that it is NOT possible to change a Single Visa to a Multiple one in Taiwan.

4. Please visit the on-line application at (Taiwan visa application form) for further instructions.

✓   For students who wish to travel to China, please be advised that there is no Chinese Consular Office in Taiwan, so please do apply for the Chinese Visa before you come to Taiwan.

✓    Here is the information you may need in filling out the on-line application in Taiwanese Visa Application system.

♢ Contact Person: Cherry Huang

♢ Relationship: Host University Coordinator

♢ ROC ID: 03807654

♢ Name of School: National Chengchi University

♢ Add: 64, Zhi-nan Road, Sec. 2, Wenshan 11605 Taipei, Taiwan

♢ Tel: +886 2 2938 7911

♢ Email:

✓    For student who holds a HK or Macau passport, please visit and click 領務>>大陸及港澳人士申請赴台灣入境證 for the permit application.

✓     For students whose nationality is Chinese, NCCU will apply the Entry Permit for you and you should expect to receive the permit by email by January.




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