How to arrive in NCCU


Directions to NCCU


From Taiwan Taoyuan (CKS) International Airport

  If you plan to visit National Chengchi University (NCCU) main campus from Taiwan Taoyuan (CKS) International Airport, which is located 40 kilometers southwest of Taipei, there are quite a few options.

Personal Pick-up:
This is the ideal way. You will greet friends and/or colleagues from NCCU at the airport after landing. And you can sit back and enjoy the ride to school. But, this does not happen all the time. So, you might need to know other options.

This is a convenient, speedy, but expensive way. After leaving the airport, you can find taxis with airport logo in line waiting for passengers. Drivers usually provide better service compared with non-airport taxis, and they won't charge you more for the uniforms they wear. One way trip from the airport to NCCU will cost you around NT 1,100 dollars (around US$35).

This is a less expensive way to travel from airport to NCCU. One way bus fare is around NT 110 dollars (around US$3.5). These buses can transport you from the airport to downtown Taipei. They run from 6 AM to 2AM everyday. And you can choose among several bus companies, such as Evervoyage Transport Corp. (a member of the Evergreen Group), Free Go Air Bus, Air Bus, and of course government run public buses. The prices range from NT90 to NT 110, and all of them can take you to Domestic Airport in Taipei and Taipei Rail Station.

  If you choose to come to NCCU directly from the airport, then Taipei Rail Station might be a good place to get off the bus because you can transfer to city buses, MRT(Metro Rapid Transit), and/or taxi at the Rail Station.

From Taipei Rail Station

  Once you get off the bus from the airport at Taipei Rail Station, you can choose to take a taxi, a bus or the MRT system to NCCU.

You need to get on MRT Brown Line (Zoo to Chung Shan Middle School) to get to NCCU, and get off at Taipei Zoo. Remember to go across the street for MRT shuttle bus Brown 3, Green 1, and Hsin Hsin Bus 236 and 237 for three stops to NCCU. ( Go to the Website of The Taipei Rapid Transit System)

Hsin Hsin Bus 236 and 237 across the Taipei Rail Station will take you directly to NCCU.

The taxi fare from Taipei Rail Station to NCCU is around NT250 dollars (around US$8), and it may go much more expensive if you take it late at night or during rush hours with traffic jam.

From Anywhere around Taipei

  If you plan to visit the main campus of National Chengchi University from anywhere around Taipei, here are some options.

Of course, it is the most convenient way to travel, but it cost much more. With the new meter effective Jan 1, 2001, once you get in a taxi, you need to pay NT70 dollars for the first 1.5 Km with NT5 dollars per additional 300 meters. The meter will also run when you are caught in traffic jam with additional NT5 dollars for every 2 minutes. If you take the taxi during rush hours or late at night, the fare can be almost two times more than regular hours.

The following bus lines can take you to NCCU with ticket fares range from NT15 dollars to 30 dollars. They are Hsin Hsin Bus 236, 237, 611, Chih Nan Bus 1, 2, 3, 282, and MRT shuttle bus lines Brown 3, 5, 6, 11,15 and Green 1.

Whichever MRT station you are, always look for the Green Line (HsinTian to DanHsui) and/or the Brown Line (Zoo to ChungShan Middle School). These two MRT lines can take you to NCCU. ( Go to the Website of The Taipei Rapid Transit System)

  1. Green Line: Take the Green Line and get off at Chingmei station. The MRT shuttle bus Brown 3 can take you to NCCU.
  2. Brown Line: Take the Brown Line and get off at the last stop, Taipei Zoo. Across the street from the station, you can find the MRT shuttle bus Brown 3,11,15, Green 1, and Hsin-Hsin Bus 236 and 237 that can take you to NCCU.

Personally, I do not recommend you to drive around Taipei not because the traffic is very bad, but because you might easily get lost on the way. I can easily come up with at least 6 different routes you can take to come to NCCU from various directions. Of course, if you know the place quite well, you might find driving to NCCU a pleasant trip. But then, we probably don't need to write any instructions for you.

Final Words

  Whichever way you choose to visit National Chengchi University, allow us to extend our most sincere welcome to you. And wish you a wonderful and pleasant stay. Should you find any of these pieces of information not helpful enough, please do drop a line and tell us what you think through Comment. We will be more than happy to make necessary changes ASAP for your reference and convenience. Thank you and have a nice trip here. Hope to see you soon at National Chengchi University!

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