Previous Experience

The IEP offers students from around the world memorable academic and cultural experiences from their stay while here in Taiwan. Below are some of the former and current IEP students who have pursued their studies at NCCU's College of Commerce.

The program is very different than the one in INCAE, where every student is devoted to the program full time, we go to class in the morning and the afternoon and the workload is much heavier.  Most of the local students in the IMBA program are also working during the day, and all classes take place in the evening or Saturdays, which has given me enough time to explore Taipei and get more familiarized with the local culture while staying focused on my studies.  Both programs have their pros and cons but I have enjoyed both styles and I am happy I chose NCCU.  I also found very interesting the mix of professors here at NCCU, some of them have an academic background and some of them have years of industry experience.

Name: Oscar Arevalo
University: INCAE /Costa Rica


My exchange here in Taiwan exceeds the expectations that I had. First of all, I was surprised to meet that many students from all over the world……Another point I want to mention, is the good organization here at the National Chengchi University……When I needed something, I always knew where to find someone whom I could ask and everybody was always friendly and helped me whenever I needed assistance.

Name: Cornelia Donner
University: University of Innsbruck/Austria


I decided to come to Taiwan because NCCU is clearly a great school, and I wanted to learn Chinese.  Besides that, I know many companies in Europe choose to go through Taiwan to enter the Chinese market.  It makes sense to come here to learn about how to do business in China, since many Taiwanese business men have experience and are in the same line of thought as many Danish companies, so by studying here I knew I could learn much from my classmates.
I have really enjoyed classes during my time here. I didn’t expect to have such a hands-on experience, I expected classes to be more lecture-oriented (which is the way my school works) and I have been pleasantly surprised.  I am also impressed by the quality of my professors and my classmates.

Name: Martin Taarnhoj
University: Copenhagen Business School/Denmark


I was considering between Singapore and Taiwan, and the decision was not easy to do. But eventually I chose Taiwan because I thought it is more interesting and unique than other big cities in Asia. I also wanted to learn some Chinese. Exchanging in NCCU has been really great! I like campus life, because here we all are like a huge community and everything is so close. NCCU is also really international, actually more international than I thought. I didn’t know that there are so many international students besides the exchange students.

Name: Anni Seppänen
University: Helsinki School of Economics/Finland


On line with expectations: high quality program, great people, perfect buddy system. My buddy is really helpful.

Name Marco Rossi
University: Brandies University/USA


This was my first time to Asia and I didn’t know how it will be like. The OIP office did a great job. Thank you for all your help! People are overall very friendly in Taiwan and I think this was really a great experience to me.

 Name : Ilse-Maria Klanner    
University :Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration/Austria

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